Patient Identification Wristbands

Laser and Thermal Hospital Bracelet and Patient Identification Wristbands

Reducing dangerous medical errors requires healthcare providers to ensure that the right patients are connected to the right care at the right time. Barcoded patient identification wristbands are a critical part of patient safety and hospital efficiency efforts. Info Products, Inc. offers patient wristband printers and media that can help errors and improve patient outcomes.

InfoProducts featured Wristband Printer

The Zebra Technologies HC510 wristband printer was developed to be both reliable and easy to use, so that healthcare providers can easily create high-quality wristbands on-demand. The printer uses easy-to-load cartridges that contain Zebra’s Z-Band wristbands, so hospital staff can quickly print individual wristbands with no hassle. The printer also detects the wristband type and size automatically, to improve print quality and reduce waste.

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Thermal Wristband Solutions

Zebra’s direct thermal Z-Band wristbands are the most durable, comfortable, and easy to use patient identification solutions for the healthcare industry. The Z-Band line – which includes the Ultrasoft, Direct, Direct Soft Infant, QuickClip, Fusion, and Fusion Infant Tags – provides patient comfort as well as options that include both adhesive and snap closures, multiple sizes, adult and infant sizes, and resistance to hand sanitizers.

Laser Wristband Solutions

The LaserBand line of patient identification wristbands (Laserband2 Advanced, Laserbrand2 Dura, LaserBand Original, and Laserband2 ST) are self-laminating, direct-print laser wristbands that can be used with existing laser printers. The latex-free wristbands are available in a variety of adult, pediatric and infant sizes for both long-term and short-term identification. The LaserBand wristbands also provide anti-tampering features and the self-laminating design ensures the preservation of patient data.

Alert Solutions

Zebra’s Patient Condition Alert Solutions include both vinyl and Tyvek wristbands. These products enable quick identification of special patient conditions using color-coded wristbands that enable compliance with state and local standards. Spot Alert Labels can be adhered to any wristband via a strong adhesive. Slim Alert Wristbands are vinyl, color-coded clip-closure wristbands that are pre-printed with patient conditions. The Tyvek Alert Wristbands are pre-printed and include an adhesive closure.

Omni Wristbands

The Zebra LaserBand OmniBand patient identification wristbands accept virtually any printed label, and securely seal patient information via a self-laminating feature. The OmniBand is ideal for healthcare organizations that need to quickly and easily implement patient wristbands with little or no IT reformatting.

Statband Wristbands

Zebra Technologies’ customizable StatBand patient identification wristbands enable first responders to quickly and accurately identify, record, and track people and their personal items at the scene of an emergency. Created for EMS, evacuation, triage, and rapid ID applications, the wristbands are durable, moisture and abrasion resistant, and feature a patented fastening system for quick securement.

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